Maribeth D. Morrissey

Maribeth Morrissey has spent the last five years studying Holistic Medicine and started her own Holistic practice called Optimal Health Connections. Maribeth has over 15 years experience as a pharmaceutical representative and recruiter with training and exposure in Western medicine. She sees herself as a bridge from Western to Eastern/Energy Medicine. It was through her own health challenges and wanting to get to the root cause of her medical condition that started her on her path to healing. After seeing a medical doctor, who practiced Functional Medicine and a Therapist (who used The LifeLine Technique) did she start to understand the root causes of her Western diagnosis of Idiopathic Anaphylaxis Allergies (unknown cause).

In 2006, Maribeth started studying with Dr. Darren Weissman, creator of the LifeLine Technique and in 2007 became certified as a LifeLine practitioner. By sharing her story, Living From the Inside Out, she hopes to inspire and empower you to view your life from a new and heightened perspective. With her passion and story, she will convey that every experience no matter how painful, scary or challenging has meaning: ultimately connecting you to the gifts inside each and every one of us leading to optimal health.

Currently, Maribeth has a growing practice that assists adults, children, couples and animals on their path to healing with the LifeLine Technique. She is also a Vision Board Facilitator, which assists you with words, pictures and affirmations to achieve the life of your dreams individually or with your company. Using vision boards coupled with The LifeLine Technique will clear out any subconscious patterns that are not serving you any longer leading you to the passionate life you deserve. Maribeth also is an inspirational speaker that assists companies and individuals find their passion and purpose and connect to their true authentic self. She now incorporates her passion and knowledge by, “Connecting, people, products and services to achieve optimal health!” Her vision is to have her own Holistic Center and incorporate several modalities, services and education under one roof to treat the “whole” person in one facility by raising the consciousness of the community/planet, one person at a time.

Maribeth enjoys spending time with her four children, husband and family. She is grateful everyday for the gifts of love, family, friends and Spirituality.